ITopia is:

  • A mature IT support services firm with
  • Cost effective scalable solutions
  • Serving Alberta's energy sector with great success

Currently hosting for our clients:

Servers (from a single server to complete infrastructures)


SharePoint Solutions


IP Phone System

Data Backup (for Disaster Recovery)

Enjoy the benefits of ITopia's expert SharePoint team.


The best technology just works, no errors, no downtime, no sitting on hold waiting for someone half way around the world to help you.

ITopia’s cloud service offerings


is Calgary’s premier
VMware solution provider

IT solutions build for Alberta's economy Ask us how to minimize your overhead through economic down turn
  • Challenging. Progressive. Inspiring.

We value people, skills, ideas and creativity. We continue to seek talented, responsible individuals looking for a great place to work . We understand Personal and professional growth go together with in job satisfaction as a result we make the necessary tools available to our employees to help them stay current with emerging technologies.

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